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By Dr. Ulf Schnars, Prof. Dr. Werner Jueptner (auth.)

This e-book provides a self-contained remedy of the rules and significant purposes of electronic hologram recording and numerical reconstruction (Digital Holography). the 1st half bargains with optical foundations and the speculation of holography. the subsequent part describes the way to list holograms at once with an digital sensor (CCD) and describes a number of the reconstruction thoughts. a different bankruptcy is unique to electronic holographic interferometry with functions in deformation and form dimension and refractive index decision. functions in imaging and microscopy also are defined. the following half discusses precise thoughts resembling electronic light-in-flight holography, holographic endoscopy, details encrypting and comparative holography. within the final bankruptcy comparable suggestions of speckle metrology are taken care of briefly.

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In this geometry both images are angularly separated in the reconstruction. The real image is deflected off the axis at an angle approximately twice as large as the one between reference wave and axis. 1. 4. Reference wave (a) T CCD x Object d (b) T T Virtual image Real image Fig. 13. 3 Phase Shifting Digital Holography The amplitude and phase of a light wave can be reconstructed from a single hologram by the methods described in the preceding chapters. A completely different approach has been proposed by Skarman [146, 165].

3 Separation of Virtual Image, Real Image and DC-term 57 Fig. 12. Suppression of the DC term (courtesy of S. Seebacher) Another method to suppress the DC term is to measure the intensities of refer2 2 ence wave a R and object wave aO separately. This can be done e. g. by blocking one of the waves while measuring the intensity of the other wave. Afterwards a DC term free image can be calculated by subtracting the intensities from the hologram before reconstruction. However, this requires higher experimental effort due to the additional measurements.

17 the illumination wave is reflected onto the object surface via a beam splitter in order to ensure parallel illumination and observation directions. Two holograms are recorded with different wavelengths O1 and O2 on the same photographic plate. This can be done either simultaneously using two lasers with different wavelengths or in succession changing the wavelength of a tuneable laser, e. g. a dye laser. After processing the double exposed hologram is replaced and reconstructed with only one of the two wavelengths, say O2 .

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