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The resonant that is most restricted in terms of distribution is ŋ. It appears in only word medial, final and pre-consonantal positions. The consonant phoneme r does not occur geminated and it is not attested in post-consonantal position. l appears very frequently in initial, medial, final, and in pre-consonantal position. w frequently occurs in word initial position and in rare cases in word final position. It has also a geminated form and it is attested in pre-consonantal position. y occurs in all positions except postconsonantal.

If ts, V or X occur as a second consonant segment, and when they are preceded by a glide consonant in C1 position, the entire word is reduplicated as in (122). Reduplication of ts, V and X is avoided. Examples: 122. SUBJ cave-LOC inside ‘I am entering to the cave’ woXim woXim-dee-t RDP-enter-IPF-1 With the exceptions discussed above consonants can be reduplicated either in word initial or word final position. If both the first and the second consonant segments in a word are potentially reduplicable, the initial segment is more susceptible for partial reduplication.

Chapter 2 32 108. Root + definite Noun Suffix Definite Noun /e⁄he⁄ -is [/e⁄h-îs] ‘the house’ zime⁄ -is [zim-îs] ‘the chief’ guuru -is [guur-is] ‘the crocodile’ kabbe -is [kabb-is] ‘the maize’ When the possessive suffix -ko⁄, which has an underlying High tone, is added to a nominal stem, the final vowel of the noun is deleted. However, the tone is not deleted and it creates a contour tone on the single vowel of the suffix as in (109a): 109a. /a⁄ne ‘hand’ + ko ‘GEN’ > [/a⁄n-ko] ‘my hand’ In fast speech, rising and falling tones also occur due to tone stability and vowel deletion.

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