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"There has been a good looking progress in video functions over the last few years. a correct site visitors version of Variable Bit expense (VBR) video is critical for functionality evaluate of a community layout and for producing man made site visitors that may be used for benchmarking a community. a lot of types for VBR video site visitors were proposed within the literature for various different types of video some time past 20 years. Read more...


there was a ravishing development in video purposes during the last few years. a correct site visitors version of Variable Bit expense (VBR) video is important for functionality overview of a network Read more...

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0& 1 69%&5 /&7&EK&% *E6&F P2K0 F655&E F2S&F P0&7 "96;E&% P2K0 K0& "KN5 KE"&F 7% 5F9 N7%&E&FK26K&% K0& ;"4&K 59FF 27 K0& AN&N27/ FKN%R? ""9E%27/ K9 K0& NK09EF$ K02F 2F &"NF& K0& 1 69%&5 2F FK9"0FK2" 7% 2K "KN55R E&;E&F&7KF$ *9E 7R +Q&% F&K 9* 69%&5 ;E6&K&EF$ 7 &7F&65& 9* ;9FF25& O2%&9 F&AN&7"&F? 02F /2O&F  E7/& 9* FKK2FK2" O5N&F? I? )! 07/ ;E9;9F&%  /&7&E5  69%&5 27  88!? 02F 69%&5 /&7&EK&F /661%2FKE2NK&% KE*+" P2K0 E2KEER "9EE&5K297$ 69%&5 9E%&E 7% F0;& ;E6&K&E?

K&E "E&K27/ K0& KE7F2K297 ;E9252KR 6KE2Q 9* K0& F"&7& "07/& ;E9"&FF$ K0& 6KE2"&F *9E K0&  ;E9"&FF 9* &"0 F"&7& "5FF 0O& K9 & "96;NK&%? 2K027 &"0 F"&7& "5FF$ K0& 7N6&E 9* FKK&F 9* K0& E49O "027 2F %&K&E627&% R %2O2%27/ K0& 6Q26N6  F2S& 27 K0K F"&7& R K0& FK7%E% %&O2K297 9* K0& F 27 K0K F"&7&? F &Q;&"K&%$ K0& K02E% 69%&5 ;&E*9E6F &KK&E K07 K0& 9K0&E KP9 69%&5F? $ 7"0 7% E42 ;E9;9F&%  *E6& 7% F52"& 5R&E E49O "027 69%&5 *9E  O2%&9?  F52"& 2F  F27/5& E9P 9* 6"E959"4F <:I :I ;2Q&5F= 27  O2%&9 *E6&?

4-! -; 0& <:= 2F 97& 9* K0& &E52&E 69%&5F ;E9;9F&% *9E O2%&9 "97*&E&7"& KR;& O2%&9? $ 96NE !? -7 NF&%  F26;5& <:= 69%&5 *9E  O2%&9 "97*&E&7"& KE*+" 27 FR7"0E979NF KE7F*&E 69%& < = &7O2E976&7K? 0& <:= ;E9"&FF 2F 9* K0& *9E6 5 )   5 )    ) $ P0&E& 5 ) 2F K0& 2K EK& 9* K0& "9%&% O2%&9 %NE27/ K0& )K0 *E6&$  2F K0& 5/1: "9EE&5K297 9* K0& FN""&FF2O& *E6& EK&F 7%  ) 2F  E&F2%N5 *9559P27/ K0& 79E65 %2FKE2NK297? > K0& 9K0&E P2K09NK F"&7& "07/&F? 0& E&FN5KF FN//&FK&% K0K O2%&9 P2K09NK F"&7& "07/&F "7 & ""NEK&5R 69%&5&% R K0&  ;E9"&FF?

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