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By Charles Murray

America's inhabitants is wealthier than any in heritage. each year, the yank govt redistributes greater than one thousand billion cash of that wealth to supply for retirement, healthiness care, and the relief of poverty. We nonetheless have hundreds of thousands of individuals with out cozy retirements, with no enough overall healthiness care, and dwelling in poverty. just a executive can spend lots funds so ineffectually. the answer is to provide the cash to the folks. this is often the Plan, an intensive new method of social coverage that defies any partisan label. Murray indicates disposing of all welfare move courses on the federal, nation, and native degrees and substituting an annual $10,000 money furnish to each person age twenty-one or older. In Our palms describes the monetary feasibility of the Plan and its results on retirement, healthiness care, poverty, marriage and kinfolk, paintings, neighborhoods and civil society.

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A woman gets no survivor benefits via a divorced husband’s employment record unless the marriage lasted ten years. She gets no benefits unless she has worked ten years or more. 3 Thus the first significant advantage of the Plan over the current system: It is universal, and even in the worst case provides $10,000 a year for every elderly person in the country. But the Plan does more than give everyone a guaranteed income floor. The Plan makes it possible for low-income people to have a comfortable retirement, not just get by.

The effects of jury awards for punitive damages are well publicized. In some especially vulnerable specialties, such as obstetrics, HEALTH CARE 49 EVOLVING STANDARDS You wouldn’t have to negotiate a contract every time you visited a health-care provider. Freedom to write binding contracts for medical services would quickly lead to some standard contracts that almost everybody would use. Their virtue is that they would be sensible. Most health-care providers don’t want or expect to be freed from responsibility for incompetence.

Successful health-care providers will figure out how to offer service agreements that meet the same demand of the market, and yet are ones that they can live with. Why not have the government decide on reasonable standards? Because the government won’t. It will be captive to the National Association of Trial Lawyers and the American Medical Association. If you want reasonable standards to evolve, let consumers who want affordable but competent health care come to their own agreements with health-care providers who seek their business.

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