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By Walter A. Brogan

Translates Heidegger’s phenomenological studying of Aristotle’s philosophy.

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He offers a further insight into this role of phusis when he characterizes beings that come to be by phusis as “sunest¯ota”— constant and enduring. Heidegger emphasizes the basic meaning of this word: syn means together and the verb hist¯emi means to cause to stand or bring to a standstill, to place. Animals and plants and so on are natural in the sense that they stand forth together in this way—that is, they owe their enduring to nature. Heidegger suggests that the Greeks understood the character of all beings in terms of their way of being constant.

The nexus of the relationality of human being and nature is being replaced by a notion of world order. 5 For Heidegger, the issue of world is fundamental to an understanding of nature. Heidegger attributes the birth of technology to a reductive transformation of the Aristotelian sense of nature, causality, and motion. Heidegger’s claim that the world is out of joint implies that the interconnectedness and relationality at the heart of what is, and the understanding of which is necessary in order to ask about nature, is endangered in our time and replaced by planning.

20 No longer being and not-yet being are fundamental characteristics of change and thus of natural beings. Only by showing how the standing and enduring of natural beings presuppose relationality among beings and incorporate the from-out-of-which and being-toward of change can Aristotle achieve his task of clarifying the meaning of phusis. We interpreted the notion of metabol¯e as change in the sense of a sudden turning, a transition that involves presence and absence. Aristotle says that every metabol¯e is a transition from something to something.

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