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Gigabit Ethernet has been deployed within the metro house, delivering cost effective, simply controlled bandwidth for extensive functions like video, garage, and ASPs. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3a) will make using Ethernet within the Metro sector much more appealing. IDC tasks that GigE sales within the united states, marked at $155 million in 2001, will develop at 36.7% in keeping with 12 months over the following 5 years, to $741 million in 2006.

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This network feature will reduce operating costs and maintain customer satisfaction. The metro infrastructure must provide security to protect customer data, reliability to route around failures, and scalability to maintain the return on investment (ROI) throughout hectic subscriber acquisition and growth cycles. ■ Bandwidth control and service provisioning Service providers that make optimal use of their resources are more profitable. Bandwidth control and rapid service provisioning are among the important functions that network equipment must now perform, providing one of many opportunities for charging on the basis of various service levels.

A 6-bit field, known as the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) in the IP header, specifies the per hop behavior for a given flow of packets. DiffServ and the CoS approach provide a way to control traffic that is more flexible and scalable than the QoS approach. These next-generation MANs must also provide support for today’s legacy voice services, which continue to provide a major source of revenue for service providers. These objectives can only be achieved through a packet-switched network that provides end-to-end service guarantees in terms of latency, jitter, bandwidth, and packet loss.

It is important to note that GigE over copper is limited to a distance of about 30 m and that the next generation of Ethernet (at 10 Gb) will drop this already inadequate distance dramatically. 2 In the Campus Area Network (CAN) The advent of the Ethernet bridge, now commonly called an Ethernet switch, changed the nature of Ethernet LANs. As discussed in Chapter 1, “The Fundamentals of Ethernet Technology,” the purpose of an Ethernet bridge is to connect two different Ethernet LANs (the term switched evolved to denote interconnecting more than two LANs).

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