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By Hao Yu, Yuhao Wang

This ebook offers the most recent strategies for characterization, modeling and layout for nano-scale non-volatile reminiscence (NVM) units. assurance makes a speciality of primary NVM equipment fabrication and characterization, inner nation id of memristic dynamics with physics modeling, NVM circuit layout and hybrid NVM reminiscence procedure design-space optimization. The authors talk about layout methodologies for nano-scale NVM units from a circuits/systems standpoint, together with the overall foundations for the elemental memristic dynamics in NVM units. assurance contains actual modeling, in addition to the improvement of a platform to discover novel hybrid CMOS and NVM circuit and approach design.

• bargains readers a scientific and complete therapy of rising nano-scale non-volatile reminiscence (NVM) devices;
• makes a speciality of the interior country of NVM memristic dynamics, novel NVM readout and reminiscence telephone circuit layout and hybrid NVM reminiscence process optimization;
• offers either theoretical research and functional examples to demonstrate layout methodologies;
• Illustrates layout and research for fresh advancements in spin-toque-transfer, domain-wall racetrack and memristors.

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D 0 Ms 1 0 Ms . 28) / . 29) with crit if Q; hext x 1 ˛ D ˛. 30) 1. 5 Domain-Wall Propagation Recalling spin-transfer torque effect that when a current is passed through a ferromagnetic material, electrons will polarize, that is, the spin of the conduction electron will align with the spin of the local electrons carrying the magnetic moment of the material. When the conduction electrons subsequently enter a region of opposite magnetization they will eventually become polarized again, thereby transferring their spin momentum to the local magnetic moment, as required by the law of conservation of momentum.

4 in details. Lastly from system level, as the strengths of emerging NVM are different from conventional ones, it brings many possibilities to come up with emerging NVMspecific memory hierarchy and architectures to take advantage of performance improvement. For example, various works on replacing cache and main memory with emerging NVM technologies are attempted in [17, 21, 25, 39]. Besides simply substituting existing memory with emerging NVM, novel architectures that can exploit the performance potentials of emerging NVM are also studied, such as inmemory architecture [29,34,36,41], where computation can be partially done inside memory instead of fully executed in logic units.

Phys Rev B 62(1):570 18. Tatara G, Kohno H (2004) Theory of current-driven domain wall motion: spin transfer versus momentum transfer. Phys Rev Lett 92(8):086–601 19. Thiaville A, Nakatani Y, Miltat J, Suzuki Y (2005) Micromagnetic understanding of currentdriven domain wall motion in patterned nanowires. EPL (Europhys Lett) 69(6):990 20. Tsoi M, Jansen A, Bass J, Chiang WC, Seck M, Tsoi V, Wyder P (1998) Excitation of a magnetic multilayer by an electric current. Phys Rev Lett 80(19):4281 21. Yu S, Wong HS (2011) Compact modeling of conducting-bridge random-access memory (cbram).

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