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Is there an equilibrium or perfect balance between energy of matter and energy of radiation in the Universe? In the chapters that follow we will find evidence in favor of a matter-radiation balanced Universe. Another interesting effect, first discovered by Zwicky in 1937, is that galaxies and cluster of galaxies seem to have more rotational speed than can be accounted for by their own visible gravitational mass. This missing mass problem can possible be explained by the tidal force and velocity that the cosmic acceleration a 0 will generate over the large cosmic distances occupied by galaxies.

The constant loss of potential energy, inertial mass and time due to the harmonic motion of the Universe is the price we pay for the privilege of life because nothing would really happen if time stood still and if there was no exchange of energy. 0466 × 10 −21 s −1 which is the frequency of the one cycle Universe or ν 0 = 1 / t0 . 5 The motion of the Universe The simple harmonic motion of the Universe as depicted in Fig. 4 is possibly an oversimplified view and many other modes of harmonic motion can be considered, such as the spiral motion, for example, that is typical of many galaxies.

Since red-shifts of most distant galaxies (which by far outnumber close ones) show recession velocities that equal or approach the speed of light c, we can confidently assume that we are moving with c or very near c relative to the bulk of Universe rather than the Universe moving with c relative to us. Therefore, any relative velocity and energy that we observe or experience here on Earth has to be added (or subtracted) to our absolute velocity of vabs = c and absolute energy E0 . From the above analysis it is possible to construct a mathematical representation that nicely conforms with both Einstein’s equation (2) and the equations of harmonic motion shown in Fig.

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