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By Olaf Stapledon

During this paintings written in 1941, on the such a lot scary element of worldwide warfare II, Stapledon initiatives separate futures for humanity, based now not at the consequence of that exact clash yet at the failure or luck of a destiny "Tibetan Renaissance" to persuade the mood and beliefs of the militaristic Russian and chinese language empires that threaten it. one of many futures includes all over the world chinese language imperialism and next degeneration and extinction of the human race, not able to safeguard itself opposed to rapidly evolving rats. the opposite leads to overthrowing the empires and construction of a world socialist utopia.

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PreCisely because the relation between signifier and signified at each of these levels is arbitrary, it can be changed with a single global command. If I am prodUCing ink marks by manipulating movable type, changing the font requires changing each line of type. By contrast, if I am prodUCing flickering signifiers on a video screen, changing the font is as easy as giving the system a single command. The longer the chain of codes, the more radical the transformations that can be effected. Acting as linguistic transducers, the coding chains impart astonishing power to even very small changes.

Although mutation disrupts pattern, it also presupposes a morphological standard against which it can be measured and understood as a mutation. Ifthere were only randomness, as with the random movements of gas molecules, it would make no sense to speak of mutation. We have seen that in electronic textuality, the possibilities for mutation within the text are enhanced and heightened by long coding chains. We can now understand mutation in more fundamental terms. Mutation is crucial because it names the bifurcation point at which the interplay between pattern and randomness causes the system to evolve in a new direction.

39 A second way to think about the organization of How We Became Posthuman is narratively. In this arrangement, the three divisions proceed not so much through chronolOgical progression as through the narrative strands about the (lost) body of information, the cyborg body, and the posthuman body. Here the literary texts playa central role, for they display the passageways that enabled stories coming out of narrowly focused scientific theories to circulate more widely through the body politic. Many of the scientists understood very well that their negotiations involved premises broader than the formal scope of their theories strictly allowed.

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