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By David W. Shenk

David W. Shenk and Ervin R. Stutzman weave into the biblical observation sensible functions gleaned from modern theology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and communique conception. comprises questions for evaluation, learn and dialogue. 232 Pages.

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The missionary teams working together in love and harmony were a sign revealing what the nature of the gospel is, the story of reconciling love. Acts 2:14 Remember, when Peter preached the first Christian sermon he was not alone. He was surrounded by 120 other believers, and as he preached, the other eleven apostles stood with him as he proclaimed the word. We can imagine their ''amens" frequently punctuating the air, lending support and credence to what Peter was saying. Acts 13:13 In the book of Acts and in the Gospels, we find that the pattern of team ministry was followed consistently.

The world at that time was seriously divided by racial and ethnic divisions. The church at Antioch was a new development. This congregation, made up of people from many different racial and ethnic backgrounds, led by persons from three continents, was unprecedented. This Antioch church was so unusual that the pagans gave them a nickname: Christians. For the first time the followers of Jesus were called Christians. The citizens of Antioch recognized that the love which bound this church together was the gift of Christ.

We firmly believe that the greatest favor anyone can ever do for another person is to share Jesus. Four questions set the tone for this study: 1. Should everyone in your community have the opportunity to say "yes" to Jesus? 2. Has everyone in your community been introduced to Jesus with sufficient clarity and attractiveness that he or she can say "yes" to him? 3. Is your congregation making sure that everyone in your community is having the opportunity to say "yes" to Jesus? 4. Is your congregation helping to share the gospel with at least some other communities, including some of the 16,000 groups of people around the world who have never heard the gospel?

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