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By Dawn MacTavish.

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No, of course not. I'm intrigued and attracted though, I'll admit. I would like to pursue it. I haven't felt like this in a good long while. " McGovern frowned, taking a sip from the snifter. "Then I'm sorry to be the bearer of discouraging news," he said. before it's gone too far. " said Nigel. He hadn't heard of it. But then, he hadn't really heard of her until the masque. "Percy Arborghast," McGovern said. " McGovern nodded over his snifter. " "I don't--that is, not exactly. I haven't got it from the horse's mouth, if that's what you're asking, but he's bruited it about shamefully all over town, bragging how he's got the gel wrapped around his little finger.

To her relief, no one seemed to notice. Lady Clara had been right when she'd said such private balls were more relaxed and quite the scandal. All around her men and women, shockingly half-castaway already, though the night was young, were behaving in a manner her father would have deemed lewd and vulgar. The gentleman who had hold of her now was not the only male in the ballroom taking bold liberties. A dandy who had whisked his partner into a recessed alcove behind a potted fern had plunged his hand down inside the woman's bodice, and more than one couple was straying from the dance floor in search of other such intimate retreats.

It was a long moment before he released Alice's hand, and not before his fingers lightly caressed the tender flesh of her palm again through the lace. That they were both gloved, preventing them the intimacy of touching skin to skin, did not spare her. Hot blood surged to her temples. Thank divine Providence for feathered masks! She could only imagine the color of her cheeks, especially now, when those glacier blue eyes shot up and met hers so seductively. "We shall see, my lady," he murmured, sketching a proper bow as he reeled away.

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