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By Steinberg, Dave S.

This ebook info infallible recommendations for designing digital to resist serious thermal environments. It additionally bargains mathematical modeling functions, utilizing analog resistor networks, to supply the breakup of complicated structures into a number of person thermal resistors and nodes should you want high-speed electronic machine suggestions to thermal difficulties.

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2 using metric units. 3a) Part 2. 81 cm K = thermal conductivity 5052 aluminum bracket (ref. 871 cm2 + Substitute into Eq. 2 using English units. 000937) = Substitute into Eq. 2 using metric units. 8 1) Part 3. Temperature Rise across Mica Insulator (Ref. 4 "Ciwatt (10-32 stud; ref. 5) The mounting surface temperature of the transistor is determined from the chassis wall temperature plus the temperature rises along the heat flow path. 11 114. 15 20. 083 2. 2. 2 Printed circuit board with flat pack integrated circuits.

000625) R - - = Resistors R2, R,, and R4 are combined in parallel using Eq. 17, which results in resistor R6. 106. This can be further reduced by considering thermal resistance R, to be in series with resistors R , and R,. Each resistance value is determined from Eq. 14. 9. 10b are now known, so that Eq. 16 can be used to determine the total resistance of the three resistors in series. 24a) The temperature rise across the length of the bulkhead is then determined from Eq. 15, in English units and metric units.

5 watts, for a total power dissipation of 9 watts. The bulkhead conducts the heat to the opposite wall of the chassis, which is cooled by a multiple fin heat exchanger. 9. Determine the temperature rise across the length of the bulkhead. 9 Bulkhead with two cutouts for connectors. 10a. The thermal analog resistor network is simplified by first finding the equivalent effective single resistance for the parallel section represented by resistors R,, R,, and R, with the use of Eq. 9. 10 Bulkhead thermal model using a series and a parallel resistor network.

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