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By Donovan J. Ochs

Consolatory Rhetoric explores Greco-Roman funeral rites to bare how opposing symbols functioned rhetorically to convenience old groups. whereas the majority of rhetorical feedback translates written texts, Donovan Ochs broadens the normal concentration to contemplate non-verbal symbols in addition to motion and item languages. Ochs demonstrates that non-discursive dimensions of Greco-Roman burial rites held a spot of specific persuasive value in consoling the population, and he attributes funeral customs practiced in modern Western civilization to the legacy of the traditional Greeks and Romans.

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Assume that a person must decide which of two close order drill teams is the best. One group wears identical tailored uniforms, executes complex maneuvers in perfect synchrony, and completes their movements with apparent effortlessness. The other group wears mismatched and disheveled clothing, stumbles and falters during attempted group movements, and appears exhausted while doing so. The point should be clear: the presentation of juxtaposed oppositions functions persuasively by forcing a choice; and the direction of the choice is imbedded within the form itself as well as the cultural values attached to the items fixed in each side of the polarity.

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