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Subnets are not announced into the backbone routing tables, so R1 would not announce N to the world. Chapter 4 54 (b) If N has its own IP network number, then R1 does announce its route to N to the world. R1 would not necessarily announce its route to A, however. R2 would not change: it would still announce N into A. Assuming A does not announce its route to N into its provider, all external traffic to and from N now goes through the new link, and N-A traffic goes through R2. ) 55. IP has a subrange of its address space reserved for multicast addresses.

A) The probability that one random connection takes the link is about 1/2 for large N, since, for a given input port chosen at random, half of the possible output ports are on the other switch. So the probability that two random connections each take the link is about (1/2)2 = 1/4, and the probability that at most one takes the link is thus 1 − 1/4 = 3/4. Chapter 3 38 (b) P(no connection uses the link) = 1/8 and P(exactly one connection uses the link) = 3/8; these are equivalent to, if three coins are flipped, P(no heads) = 1/8 and P(exactly one head) = 3/8.

2. C announces to A and B that it can no longer reach X; the announcements of step 1 have not yet arrived. 3. B and A receive each others announcements from step 1, and adopt them. 26. We will implement hold-down as follows: when an update record arrives that indicates a destination is unreachable, all subsequent updates within some given time interval are ignored and discarded. Given this, then in the EAB network A ignores B’s reachability news for one time interval, during which time A presumably reaches B with the correct unreachability information.

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