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Anderson, High-resolution smallaperture angle of arrival detection using nonlinear analog processing, IEEE International Microwave Symposium Digest, 3 (2004) 1749---1752. [5] W. Menzel, A. Gronau,V. Maiyappan,W. Mayer,Small-aperture,high-resolution beamscanning antenna array using nonlinear signal processing,European Conference on Wireless Technology, October (2005) 435---438. [6] M. Mosmondor, L. Skorin-Kapov, M. Kovacic, Bringing location based services to IP multimedia systems, IEEE MELECOM (2006) 746---749.

Apart from the obvious result that variance increases with the noise power, this equation also shows that variance will increase if the signals are highly correlated (since that would imply that S is nearly singular),or if theirAOAs are closely spaced (which would imply that A H A is nearly singular). Also, Xu et. al. [8, 49] presented results that show that MUSIC may suffer from large bias in scenarios with low SNR,closely spaced sources,or highly correlated sources. 3 Parametric Methods for AOA Estimation For uncorrelated signals, MUSIC reaches the CRB for large N , M, and SNR scenarios.

It is known that resolution of TOA measurements is inversely proportional to the signal’s bandwidth (BW). Several signal-processing techniques can be applied to achieve better resolution without increasing signal BW. For instance, maximum likelihood (ML) delay estimation can provide greater delay resolution. ML schemes require either estimation of amplitude and phase parameters of the multipath channel or averaging of a likelihood functional over a joint distribution. These methods have been shown to achieve time resolutions of a fraction of the sampling interval without increasing signal BW [13].

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