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By Peter Pericles Trifonas (eds.)

This publication will examine the consequences of academic practices in groups which are differentiated by way of problems with language, tradition, and know-how. Trifonas argues 'community' is instantaneously a meeting of like-minded participants in team spirit of objective and conviction, and likewise a meeting that excludes others. The chapters during this assortment will demonstrate this rigidity among conception and perform so that it will interact the versions of neighborhood and the theories of distinction that aid them so that it will educate, to profit, and to know.

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Zygmunt Bauman provides the same sort of analysis in analyzing the state of the poor under neoliberalism He argues the poor are excluded and often charged with the guilt of their exclusion, and thus seen as dangerous and a threat to society. See Zygmunt Bauman, Work, Consumerism and the New Poor (Philadelphia: Open University Press, 1998), especially chapter 5, “Prospects for the Poor,” pp. 83–98. 23. Cited in Mike Davis, “Cry California,” Common Dreams News Center (September 4, 2003). org/views03/0903-.

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These are important pedagogical interventions, but they do not go far enough. We also need to link knowing with action, learning with social engagement and this suggests addressing the responsibilities that come with teaching students to fight for an inclusive and radical democracy by recognizing that education is not just about understanding, however critical, but also provides the conditions for addressing the responsibilities we have as citizens to others, especially those future generations who will inherit our mistakes.

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