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Thesaurus; half I. speaking structures: 1. creation; 2. Behaviour of automata; three. Sequential techniques and bisimulation; four. Concurrent methods and response; five. Transitions and powerful equivalence; 6. remark equivalence: idea; 7. statement equivalence: examples; half II. The pi-Calculus: eight. what's mobility? nine. The pi-calculus and response; 10. purposes of the pi-calculus; eleven. varieties, items and services; 12. Commitments and robust bisimulation; thirteen. commentary equivalence and examples; 14. dialogue and similar paintings; Bibliography; Index

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Communicating and mobile systems: the pi-calculus

Word list; half I. speaking structures: 1. advent; 2. Behaviour of automata; three. Sequential strategies and bisimulation; four. Concurrent procedures and response; five. Transitions and robust equivalence; 6. statement equivalence: idea; 7. commentary equivalence: examples; half II. The pi-Calculus: eight.

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Like WiFi, one of the characteristics of 3G wireless technology is alwayson high-speed mobile Internet connection. Lucent Technologies has demonstrated the successful seamless hand-off of a wireless data call from a WiFi to a GSM-based 3G network and WiFi to a CDMA2000-based 3G network, enabling mobile laptop users to browse the Internet while roaming between the two network types with no interruption in the session. The capabilities rely on the Mobile IP standard from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

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