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By Mme. Blanchard Yoritomo-Tashi

From the PREFACE: Why may still I hesitate to specific the excitement I felt on studying that the public, already deeply attracted to the lessons of Yoritomo-Tashi, wanted to be made acquainted with them in a brand new shape? this data intended many fascinating and delightful hours of labor in prospect for me, recalling the time handed in an environment of that peace which provides beginning to vibrations of healthy ideas whose radiance vitalizes the soul. It used to be additionally with a keenness, intensified through stories of the little abandoned room within the provincial museum, the place silence on my own may well lend rhythm to meditation, that I grew to become another time and back the leaves of these worthwhile manuscripts, translating the evaluations of him whose prepared and ornate psychology we now have so usually loved jointly. It was once with the enthusiastic consciousness of the disciple that after extra I scanned the pages, the place the broadest and so much humane compassion allies itself with these greatest virtues: strength, will and cause. For altho Yoritomo glorifies the desire and effort lower than all their elements, he is familiar with additionally how to define, in his center, that tenderness which transforms those forces, sometimes a little bit brutal, into powers for solid, whose presence are continually a sign of favorable effects. He understands tips to dress his teachings in fantasy and beautiful legend, and his unique soul, so close to and but thus far, reminds certainly one of a flower, whose conventional point is transmuted into infrequent body spray. via him the sternest questions are stripped in their adversarial points and current themselves within the eye-catching kind of the best allegories of awesome poetic depth. whilst analyzing his works, one remembers unconsciously the orations of the traditional philosophers, added in these superb gardens, luxuriant in solar and aromatic with vegetation. during this far-away previous, one sees additionally the silhouette of an imposing determine, whose university of philosophy turned a faith, which the realm simply because it spoke either one of love and goodness. yet then again truth, the doctrines of Yoritomo are of an innovative variety. His country belongs to this global, and his theories search much less the fun of the hereafter than of that tangible happiness that's present in the belief of the manly virtues and in that attempt to create ideal concord from which flows ideal peace. he's taking us via the hand, which will lead us to the guts of that Eden of wisdom the place we now have already came across the artwork of persuasion, and that artwork, such a lot tricky of all to acquire--the mastery of timidity. Following him, we will penetrate once again this Eden, that we may well learn with Yoritomo the way of buying this art--somewhat unattractive probably yet primarily primordial--called logic.

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Instead of losing himself by digressing from his subject and by placing himself on the summits of psychology, he remains with us, puts himself on the level of the most humble among us, and says to us all: “The best way to use common sense in daily life consists in declaring one’s honest intentions. “What should I do if I were in the place of the person with whom I am discussing? “I found myself one day on the slope of a hill named Yung-Tshi, and I remarked that the majority of the trees were stript of their foliage.

It is when operating on the elements furnished us by common sense that we are able to discern the quality of the object of our attention. “One day, a sage, whom people gladly consulted, was asked by what means he had learned to know so well the exact proportion of things, so that he never failed to attribute to them their real value. ’ “And the superstitious people added: “‘Are you not in communication with the spirits, which float in space, which come from the other world? ’ “‘You are right,’ replied the saintly man, smiling: “‘I have indeed the power to hear and to see that which you do not perceive; but sorcery has no relation to the power which is attributed to me.

Now Yoritomo, after having put us on our guard against impulses, shows us the way to conquer these causes of disorder. “To control unguarded movements, which place us on a level with inferior beings. That is,” said he “in making us dependent on one instinct alone. This is,” said he, “to take the first step toward the will to think, which is one of the forms of common sense. “In order to reach this point, the first resolution to make is to escape from the tyranny of the body, which tends to replace the intellectual element in impulsive people.

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