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By H. BockHorn, A. D'Anna, A.F. Sarofim, H. Wang

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The image height for the slot burner flames is 65 mm whereas that for the coannular burner is 120 mm. 2. TEM grid sampling and analysis For the laminar flames, TEM grid samples were collected using a rapid-injection, short-hold thermophoretic sampling technique with the grids oriented vertically in an ultraslim grid holder, to minimize flame disturbance [27]. The grid holder was mounted onto the end of a pneumatically driven piston. For the HRTEM analysis of the laminar flames, copper grids with a lacey carbon film were utilized, to avoid interference during the TEM analysis from the amorphous carbon film that is more typically used.

L. Finch, C. H. Hobbs, L. F. Blair, E. B. Barr, F. F. Hahn, R. J. Jaramillo, J. E. Kubatko, T. H. March, R. K. White, J. R. Krone, M. G. Menache, K. J. Nikula, J. L. Mauderly, J. Van Gerpen, M. D. Merceica, B. Zielinska, L. Stankowski, K. Burling, S. Howell, Inhalation Toxicol. 14:10 (2002) 1017-1048. R. C. Williams Combustion Research Facility Sandia National Laboratories Livermore, California 94550 Abstract: Local soot populations have been examined within laminar diffusion flames fueled by methane, ethylene, and kerosene, and in the active flame zone of a large JP-8 fueled pool fire.

Generated in solution and the product of this reaction was determined by HPLC. Soot particles synthesized in an ethylene laminar diffusion flame were found to generate OH. in this solution, at a mass-normalized rate 10 times that of the generation by carbon black particles. There are also a number of fluorescent probes which can be used to measure concentrations of ROS. , CO3. and the peroxyl and alkoxyl radicals [39]. It is often used as a measure of cellular production of ROS [40, 41] and is considered to be a general measure of oxidative stress [39].

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