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By Oscar Riera Ojeda, James McCown

Structure intimately: colours examines how colour performs a task in even the main upscale architectural designs. The sequence itself examines the function of info in modern structure during the paintings of many rising and confirmed practitioners whose tasks converse sensitively and energetically on a small scale. colour is simply one other a type of info architects use to place their very own (»Архитектура в деталях: Цвет» исследует, какую роль играет цвет в самых престижных архитектурных проектах. Эта серия исследует роль деталей в современной архитектуре.)

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It attracts the eye more than any other,” said Eric de Maré. The earliest human form of art and decoration were red cave drawings, often from the blood of animals. Architectural terra cotta is invariably red, suggesting the most primordial of hues, a material lifted from the earth and touched with fire. In Chinese culture, red represents the active (yin) inextricably wed to the passive black (yang). Emily Dickinson: “Today I tasted life. It was a vast morsel. A circus passed the house—still I feel the red in my mind .

As if to underscore the notion of black as a singular and rebellious chromatic force, the square that protrudes the farthest stands out, provocatively. 5 Exterior Wall Section 1 penthouse 2 unmuseum 3 gallery 4 office 5 office 6 gallery 7 lobby 6 6 7 7 Exterior Wall Section 1 penthouse 2 unmuseum 3 gallery 4 boardroom 5 terrace 6 gallery 7 entry black 49 Zaha Hadid Architects, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cincinnati, 2003. Hadid uses black skillfully to emphasize certain forms while minimizing others.

Note the flat surface of the walls compared to the tubular-shaped handrails with their slight gloss—a subtle interplay between metal and plaster. wall section at stairs 30 white Zoran with the collaboration of Peter Moore and Peter Pennoyer, Zoran Loft, New York, 1994. All extraneous partitions in the loft were removed; only five white columns and two sets of shallow stairs, one leading up to the main living area and the other descending into a sleeping cove, remain. Walls and columns were given a glossy finish and the floor is a highly reflective epoxy.

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