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Clojure is a realistic, general-purpose language that provides expressivity rivaling different dynamic languages like Ruby and Python, whereas seamlessly benefiting from Java libraries, prone, and all the assets of the JVM atmosphere. This booklet is helping you study the basics of Clojure with examples bearing on it to the languages you recognize already, within the domain names and issues you're employed with each day. See how this JVM language may help put off pointless complexity out of your programming perform and open up new techniques for fixing the main difficult difficulties.

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Please see “Bounded Versus Arbitrary Precision” on page 428 for a full exploration of why and when this is relevant. Rational numbers Clojure directly supports rational numbers, also called ratios, as literals in the reader as well as throughout its numeric operators. Rational number literals must always be two integers separated by a slash (/). For a full discussion of rational numbers in Clojure and how they interact with the rest of Clojure’s numerical model, please see “Rationals” on page 424.

You should refer to the prior comprehensive discussion of destructuring to remind yourself of the full range of options available; here, we’ll discuss just a couple of destructuring idioms that are particularly common in conjunction with functions. Variadic functions. Functions can optionally gather all additional arguments used in calls to it into a seq; this uses the same mechanism as sequential destructuring does when gathering additional values into a seq. Such functions are called variadic, with the gathered arguments usually called rest arguments or varargs.

21. This sort of syntactic extension generally requires macros, which are treated in detail in Chapter 5. info 'x ;= x Any Clojure form can be quoted, including data structures. Doing so returns the data structure in question, with evaluation recursively suppressed for all of its elements: '(+ x x) ;= (+ x x) (list? '(+ x x)) ;= true While lists are usually evaluated as calls, quoting a list suppresses that evaluation, yielding the list itself; in this case, a list of three symbols: '+, 'x, and 'x.

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