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By Barry B. Longyear

The final convey in the world reveals its survival via taking to the celebrities and enjoying the worlds of the close to galaxy, turning into the best blow their own horns Earth."What Barry has performed . . . is to take an impressive lifestyle, which at the present time turns out at the verge of extinction, and fling it physically into the longer term, towards immortality."Spider Robinson

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I don’t remember my ident number. ” “We have been combing Earth for you for nearly a week. Now I find you at a gathering I reached only by chance! ” “Oh no,” Louis said softly. Teela stood up somewhat awkwardly. “I haven’t been hiding, not from you and not from any other—extraterrestrial. ” Louis stepped between Nessus and the girl. “Nessus, Teela Brown obviously isn’t an explorer. ” The kzin was sitting up. ” “Look at yourself, Louis. Barely two meters long, slender even for a human. Are you an explorer?

Surely the puppeteer would be easier to deal with than the racially paranoid Trinocs, or the Kzinti with their hair-trigger killer instincts, or the sessile Grogs with their ... disturbing substitute for hands. The sight of the puppeteer had jarred loose a whole attic-full of dusty memories. Mixed with data on the puppeteers and their commercial empire, their interactions with humanity, their sudden and shocking disappearance—mixed with these were the taste of Louie's first tobacco cigarette, the feel of typewriter keys under clumsy, untrained fingers, lists of Interworld vocabulary to be memorized, the sound and taste of English, the uncertainties and embarrassments of extreme youth.

All the irrationalities of place and time and custom, blending into one big rationality of City, worldwide, like a dull gray paste. Did anyone today speak Deutsche, English, Francais, Espanol? Everyone spoke Interworld. Style in body paints changed all at once, all over the world, in one monstrous surge. Time for another sabbatical? Into the unknown, alone in a singleship, with his skin and eyes and hair their own color, a beard growing randomly over his face ... “Nuts,” said Louis to himself. ” Twenty years ago.

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