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By G E W Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–2): C. G. Caro
Chapter 2 Interstitial Fluid Pressure?Volume Relationships and Their law (pages 3–24): Arthur C. Guyton
Chapter three conception of move and shipping procedures in Pores and Porous Media (pages 25–48): J. R. Philip
Chapter four trade of drugs via Capillary partitions (pages 49–66): Eugene M. Renkin
Chapter five The Mechanics of the crimson cellphone with regards to Its service functionality (pages 67–84): Alan C. Burton
Chapter 6 movement in slim Capillaries from the perspective of Lubrication concept (pages 85–104): M. J. Lighthill
Chapter 7 The move Behaviour of Particulate Suspensions (pages 105–129): S. G. Mason and H. L. Goldsmith
Chapter eight circulation of Human Blood in Glass and Plastic Fibres: A Filmed learn (pages 130–135): E. W. Merrill, H. J. Meiselman, E. R. Gilliland, T. ok. Sherwood and E. W. Salzman
Chapter nine The optimal Elastic homes of Arteries (pages 136–152): M. G. Taylor
Chapter 10 Pressure?Flow kinfolk in Small Blood Vessels (pages 153–171): C. G. Caro, M. F. Sudlow, T. H. Foley and A. Ur
Chapter eleven pace Distribution and Transition within the Arterial process (pages 172–202): D. L. Schultz, D. S. Tunstall?Pedoe, G. de J. Lee, A. J. Gunning and B. J. Bellhouse
Chapter 12 The Distribution of gasoline circulate in Lungs (pages 203–214): J. Mead
Chapter thirteen Behaviour of Airborne debris within the respiration Tract (pages 215–235): Bernard Altshuler
Chapter 14 Turbulent circulate and Particle Deposition within the Trachea (pages 236–255): P. R. Owen
Chapter 15 Pulmonary Capillary circulate, Diffusion air flow and fuel trade (pages 256–276): John B. West, Jon B. Glazier, John M. B. Hughes and John E. Maloney
Chapter sixteen Diffusive and Convective move of gasoline within the Lung (pages 277–297): L. E. Farhi
Chapter 17 basic dialogue (pages 298–301):
Chapter 18 Chairmen's remaining comments (pages 302–304): C. G. Caro and M. J. Lighthill

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J. Auiat. , 29, 593-597). Your calculation is valid if you assume an equilibrium, but we may not have an exact equilibrium and the lungs may be gaining water from the upper respiratory tract, contrary to the usual textbook statements. Guyton: Just as Starling’s equilibrium in the capillary has to take into account the fluid that becomes lymph, we have to consider the net exchange of fluid in the lung. One can calculate from available data that the amount of non-equilibrium at the peripheral capillary due to lymphatic flow is normally less than 0 5 mm.

Heller's second unmixing demonstration (Fig. 5 ) illustrates this schema for porous medium flow. Heller constructed a medium of a transparent mineral and used as fluid a transparent liquid with the same refractive index. The experiment consists of injecting a small quantity of dye at a point in the medium. A slow flow to the right is then induced. The dye is seen to disperse into a growing ellipsoidal cloud moving with the flow. After a suitable time-interval the flow is reversed and the net convection slowly returned to zero.

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