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Degeneration of sensory receptors or of the nerves innervating them results in a sensory deficit. numerous thoughts were attempted for selling regrowth of sensory receptors, rather within the eye and ear. the most recent info from experimental stories in animals are offered within the e-book together with purposes of BDNF and CNTF within the eye and epidermal development think about the ear.


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Neurotrophins and neurotrophin-CNTF combination 41 Specificity of NT-3 for proprioceptive sensory neurons and efficacy of NT-3 in an animal model of large fibre sensory neuropathy Specijicity of NT-3 f o r developing proprioceptive sensory neurons As one of the first neurotrophic factors to be discovered by a homology cloning strategy, nothing was known about the function of NT-3 prior to its expression as a recombinant protein. Thereafter, however, it was rapidly established that the neuronal specificity of NT-3 was both overlapping and distinct from that of N G F or BDNF.

Vuught: Some trivial explanations of its activity would be that it is an NMDA antagonist, or it binds to an adenosine site, or it’s affecting voltagegated Ca2+ channels, for example. We have found no effect on these systems. There’s some other mechanism involved in its neuroprotective-like activity on these systems. We’ve looked at this in great detail. We don’t believe we’ve found a new system; CEP-1347 simply taps into an existing system. It doesn’t appear to involve Ras. On administration of this molecule to SY5Y cells, we see a phosphorylation of two major bands of p140 and p125.

Although BDNF itself is capable of promoting the survival of more than 90% of embryonic motor neurons in culture (Henderson et al 1993), we found 44 Lindsay striking synergistic actions of BDNF and CNTF towards motor neurons by examining the effects of each factor and combinations of both factors on the induction of choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) (Wong et a1 1993). Individually, each factor was found to increase ChAT levels by two- to threefold, but the effect of co-treatment with both factors was significantly more than additive (Wong et a1 1993).

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