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What hyperlinks a grasp of sinister murders in Victorian London, an angel showing in a Staffordshire village within the Nineteen Twenties and a small boy operating free round the capital in 1950? while Honore and Emily come upon a guy who seems to were minimize out of time, they believe they've got the reply. yet quickly sufficient they become aware of that the secret is just simply starting and that nightmares can develop into truth. half secret, half detective tale, half darkish myth, half technological know-how fiction ... unique adventures in time and area.

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There must be something we can do, something that will stop this awful place ever coming into existence. ’ ‘But we agreed. We agreed we wouldn’t become those people. ’ She knew she was losing the argument, and in truth, she’d already made up her mind. But a small part of her wanted to test Honoré’s resolve, to be sure he really was as committed as he seemed. Somehow she knew that he had to be there for her, that without him, she couldn’t do whatever it was they were here to do. Because they were here to do something – of that she was certain.

Honoré didn’t know what to say. Breaking the awkward silence, Gray turned to regard him, a smile curling on his lips. ’ No-one seemed to know how long ago the world had been blighted. There were tales of alien entities coming from the stars to wreak havoc upon the Earth, of ancient creatures rising out of the oceans to reclaim their ancestral homeland, and of humans turning themselves into armies of murderous machines. To Honoré, the majority of these stories seemed like nothing but fables, told by mothers to explain away the terrors that haunted their children, and their husbands, at night.

I haven’t the patience for espionage. I prefer action! Action is the key. Charge on in there and sort it all out. ’ The woman looked animated now, as if he’d just confirmed her argument. ‘That’s exactly right, Dr Smith. Humanity has been sitting on the sidelines of history. The Sodality will change all that. They’ll bring about a new age of enlightenment. ’ ‘Is that how you sleep at night? You tell yourself that? I can assure you, you’re wrong. ’ He was shaking his head, disappointment evident on his face.

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