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By Frank Herbert

Now--the end to Frank Herbert's l3-million-copy epic masterpiece. The wilderness planet Arrakis, known as Dune, has been destroyed, and the heirs to Dune's strength, have colonized a eco-friendly world--and are turning it right into a wasteland, mile through scorched mile. "Impressive...the complete saga might be one of many monuments of contemporary technological know-how fiction."--Chicago solar occasions. TP: Berkley.

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The robots seemed not to notice that they were being followed, and for their part, Juomes and Caps and Rend could not see any plausible way to get the jewel from them. Robots did not sleep; they only camped because the beasts pulling the machine had to rest. They would be alert all night. “In the forest we might take one or two in the darkness,” whispered Juomes. “Here is their element — a bare place without life. W e’ll watch. ” The robots led them to the ruins of a city. The buildings were huge, but still dwarfed by thousand-foot trees that had grown in the years since the city was abandoned.

He noticed that on a jewel that hung on a chain around Juom es’s neck, there was inscribed a symbol Caps had seen inside the machine where he awoke. The symbol had no meaning to him, but he thought it signifi­ cant that Juomes voluntarily wore something that might be connected to the machine. It did not prove him to be either friend or foe. It was simply a fact, which Caps would remember and try to make sense of. If there was some link to the machine, there was a chance Juomes would know something to help Caps understand who he was and what had hap­ pened to his memory.

I asked you first,” said Rend. ” This passageway was much smoother, and instead of sharp angles it had gentle curves and bends. Then a stone rocked downward and sent Caps and Rend slipping down a steep slide. They didn’t stop until they becam e entangled in a A Sleep and a Forgetting □ 3 3 R O B O T A net, which swung out to dangle in the middle of a dimly lit room. Specim ens. W hoever used this room was a biologist. This was a laboratory. “I think this is a trap,” said Rend. Then they heard the grinding sound of stone rolling across stone, and they fell silent, wait­ ing to see who their captor was.

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