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By Diana Wynne Jones

For hundreds of years, Dalemark has been a land divided via the warring earldoms of the North and South. Now, with assistance from the timeless, the mysterious gods of Dalemark, 4 remarkable youngsters -- from the previous, current, and destiny -- nust subscribe to forces to reunify their liked land.When Moril inherits his father's prized software -- a Cwidder acknowledged to have belonged to at least one of the timeless -- he needs to learn how to harness its unusual strength in time to avoid a harmful civil warfare.

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No,' he said. ' It took them quite a while, and cost Brid a pinched finger, to waggle the bolts back without. 'Ready,' said Dagner. Olob came towards the gate, almost dancing with pleasure at being at the work he was used to. Brid and Moril swung the gate creaking open. Brid went up into the cart, with the easy spring of long practice, and sat down to get her boots off. The cart rumbled through and crunched on the gravel of the lane outside, which was so narrow that Olob for a moment seemed likely to run into the shuttered house opposite.

Yes. To Ganner,' said Lenina. ' 'Oh, but no! ' said Moril. ' Lenina asked. ' 'We can manage,' said Moril. 'I can sing. Dagner can—Dagner—' His voice tailed away as he thought of Dagner and himself trying to perform as Clennen did. He just could not see Dagner doing it. He did not know what to say, so he stopped, fearing he might be hurting Dagner's feelings. But it looked as if Dagner was not listening. 'Father wouldn't like us to go to Markind,' Moril asserted. He was sure of that, at least. 'I can't see that your father has much say in the matter now,' Lenina answered drily.

She wasn't brought up to it like we are. ' 'Not very well,' Brid admitted, sniffing. ' 'Well, I do,' said Dagner. 'And Father would leave, though he knew Mother didn't want to go. And in the cart she had to bring us up and keep us clean and cook—and she'd never done anything like that in her life till then. And sometimes there was no money at all, and we were always on the move and always—well, there were other things she didn't like Father doing. But Father always got his own way over them. Mother never had a say in anything.

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