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Participants: Fabian Muniesa, Liliana Doganova, Horacio Ortiz, Álvaro Pina-Stranger, Florence Paterson, Alaric Bourgoin, Véra Ehrenstein, Pierre-André Juven, David Pontille, Başak Saraç-Lesavre, Guillaume Yon

What does it suggest to show whatever into capital? What does contemplating issues as resources entail? What does the superiority of an investor’s perspective require? what's this tradition of valuation that asks that we capitalize on every little thing? How will we make feel of the characteristics, must haves and upshots of this pervasive cultural ?

This e-book takes the reader to an ethnographic walk down the path of capitalization. Start-up businesses, study facilities, consulting companies, nation corporations, funding banks, public administrations: the territory can definitely turn out unusual and disorienting in the beginning sight, with its blurred limitations among inner most appropriation and public curiosity, monetary sanity and ethical breakdown, the literal and the metaphorical, the sensible and the ideological. The traveller definitely calls for a resolutely pragmatist angle, and a style for the meanders of signification. yet in all of the websites within which we set foot during this inquiry we realize a habitual semiotic advanced: a state of affairs of valuation during which issues characterize by means of advantage in their ability to develop into resources within the eye of an imagined investor.

A ground-breaking anthropological research at the tradition of up to date capitalism, this paintings directs cognizance to the principally unexplored challenge of capitalization and provides a severe source for present debates on neoliberalism and financialization.

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