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Legs were clearly devised to wear breeches, and we have breeches. Stones were created to be hewn and made into castles; His Lordship therefore has a very beautiful castle: the greatest baron in the province must have the finest residence. And since pigs were made to be eaten, we eat pork all year round. ” Candide listened attentively and believed innocently, for he found Lady Cunegonde extremely beautiful, although he was never bold enough to tell her so. He concluded that, after the good fortune of having been born Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, the second greatest good fortune was to be Lady Cunegonde; the third, to see her every day; and the fourth, to listen to Dr.

I rubbed my eyes and looked carefully. I saw him hanged. I fainted. I'd scarcely recovered when I saw you stripped naked; I was overcome with horror, consternation, sorrow and despair. Let me tell you truthfully that your skin is even whiter than my Bulgar captain's, and has a more perfect bloom. This sight doubled all the emotions that were crushing me, consuming me. ' but my voice failed me; anyway, my cries would have been useless. When you'd been thoroughly flogged, I said to myself, ‘How can it be that the charming Candide and the wise Pangloss have come to Lisbon, one to receive a hundred lashes, the other to be hanged by order of His Eminence the Inquisitor, who loves me dearly?

What happened to Candide among the Bulgars III. How Candide escaped from the Bulgars, and what happened to him IV. How Candide met his former philosophy teacher, Dr. Pangloss, and what ensued V. Storm, shipwreck and earthquake, and what happened to Dr. Pangloss, Candide and James the Anabaptist VI. How a fine auto-da-fé was performed to prevent earthquakes, and how Candide was flogged VII. How an old woman took care of Candide, and how he found the object of his love VIII. Cunegonde's story IX.

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