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Some means is needed for telling the program that the whole curve has been drawn, so the function returns false if t has exceeded TMax, that is if the whole curve has been calculated. The function calls another private function, which calculates either the x or y coordinate as appropriate, by processing the appropriate array. The class declaration for Bezier curves is: C++ Object-Oriented Programming 46 class Bezier ( long xPara[4], yPara[4], t, TMax, TMaxCUbed; void SetUp (int *Points, long *a, int offset); int Calc (long *a, long OneMinusT); public: Bezier (int *Points, long Max); II the control points are passed in Points in order xO,yO II x3,y3.

Thus the class must contain routines for defining the window, for determining if an x,y point is in the window, and if the four x,y coordinates in an array are all in the window. How this is achieved requires a more formal discussion of classes. 2Classes A class is a structure which allows the data and its associated functions to be combined into one: it allows encapsulation. The class is the type, and a variable of that type is an object. The data and functions which are part of the class are called members of the class.

H class x has an 'is-a' relationship with class y, then x should inherit y, but if the relationship is a 'has-a', then x should be a client of y. This works best when dealing with classes representing real world items. For example, if a program was written for simulating vehicles, there may be classes for vehicles in general, cars in particular and for drivers. As a car is a form of vehicle, but a car has a driver, a car class would inherit a vehicle class, but would be a client to a driver class.

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