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Warm thanks are also extended to Lee Sherry and Alexander Alexakis of Dumbarton Oaks for identifying several patristic quotations in the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. Dr. Johannes Koder of the University of Vienna assisted the project by kindly supplying me in 1988 with an advance copy of his forthcoming article on the fragmentary typikon of Mount Tmolos, which enabled me to prepare a English translation for the document and include it in our collection. Dr. Albert Failler, director of the Revue des études byzantines, permitted us to reproduce an earlier English translation by Joseph Munitiz of the typikon of Nikephoros Blemmydes.

John Thomas San Francisco, California December 1996 [ xlii ] ABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations The following is a list of all abbreviations employed in the notes and bibliographies to refer to journals, original sources, and collections of sources. The list also includes a small number of the most common secondary sources referred to in the notes by acronyms or shortened titles. ),” in Byzance et les Slaves, Études de civilisation: Mélanges Ivan Dujcev (Paris, 1979), pp. 59–81 BNJ Byzantinisch-neugriechische Jahrbücher BSAC Bulletin de la Société d’archéologie copte BSC Byzantine Studies Conference, Abstracts of Papers BS/EB Byzantine Studies/Études byzantines BZ Byzantinische Zeitschrift [ xliii ] ABBREVIATIONS CA Cahiers archéologiques CCM Cahiers de civilisation médiévale CH Church History Chalandon, Alexis Ier Ferdinand Chalandon, Essai sur le règne d’Alexis Ier Comnène (Paris, 1900) Chalandon, Jean II et Manuel I Ferdinand Chalandon, Jean II Comnène (1118–1143) et Manuel I Comnène (1143–1180) (Paris, 1912) CIG Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum, ed.

Giuseppe Spata, Le pergamene greche esistenti nel grande archivo di Palermo (Palermo, 1861), pp. 197–214; (49) Geromeri, ed. P. Aravantinos, “Peri tou hosiou Neilou tou Erichiotou,” Pandora 15 (1865), 470–74. 7 J. B. Pitra, Spicilegium Solesmense, vol. 4 (Paris, 1858), p. 381. 8 Johann Curtius and Adolph Kirchhoff published (18) Nea Gephyra in the fourth volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum in 1877, after a transcription made by Michel Fourmont in 1730. In 1872, Konstantinos Sathas published the first edition of (19) Attaleiates and the first excerpts from (58) Menoikeion in Venice.

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