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* presents a step by step technique for making plans and imposing a instant LAN in line with 802.11 instant constancy (Wi-Fi) know-how * Authors are wireless safeguard specialists who're capable of handle the firestorm of matters approximately safeguard for 802.11b networks * deals a transparent viewpoint of interoperability with similar instant criteria like 802.11a, HomeRF, and Bluetooth * Explains easy methods to in attaining a similar functionality as a stressed Ethernet connection and bring flexibility and excessive pace

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1. 16: Address classes. Subnet Mask Subnet masks are used to efficiently utilize the IP addresses within a LAN. Address masks consist of binary 1s in the positions that contain the network address and binary Os in the positions that contain the hostid. The routers remember the subnet mask. All IP packets are routed based on the IP address and the subnet mask. 2, helps the router to properly route the IP packet. Internet Naming and Domain Name Servers It can be extremely difficult to remember all the numerical host IP addresses with which you might want to communicate.

Computer networks have lagged behind in the wireless race because of intrinsic needs for higher bandwidth for data transmission compared to that of existing wireless devices (for example, television remote control or cordless phones). However, in recent years, breakthroughs in silicon−chip technology have increased data throughput over the wireless connections, making wireless computer networks a reality. Using electromagnetic waves, wireless LANs transmit and receive data over the air, minimizing the need for wired connections.

This can be accomplished by attaching special bit patterns to the beginning and end of the frame. If there is a chance that these bit patterns might occur in the data, special care must be taken to avoid confusion. The data−link layer should provide error control between adjacent nodes. Another issue that arises in the data−link layer (and most of the higher layers as well) is how to keep a fast transmitter from drowning a slow receiver in data. Some traffic regulation mechanism must be employed in order to let the transmitter know how much buffer space the receiver has at the moment.

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