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The first step to understanding better the roles that people play in teams is to understand best the role that you prefer to take. 39 3: Roles People Play in a Team Just because you have the word ‘manager’ in your title does not mean necessarily that your preference in a team is to be the chairperson or co-ordinator. We all have a preference regarding our role in a team, and this can be more than one role. If another member of the team displays the behaviours which seem most natural to us (our preferred team role), then we can potentially assume other roles in order to avoid clashing with this person.

This process was recently used successfully with one IT team we worked with in helping them to define their vision – ‘Making a difference’. We ran a series of brainstorming meetings for all the team members. The sessions focused on what sort of IT team customers, employees and other stakeholders wanted in the future. We recorded the outputs, and team members created a short, inspirational and memorable phrase that captured the essence of the responses. The next stage was to communicate the vision to all of the organisation.

O Specific o Measurable o Achievable o Realistic 30 2: The Stages of Team Development · · · · o Timebound. Allocate roles and responsibilities to each team member and ensure that everyone in the team knows what they are. Make certain that you communicate who is doing what to everyone in the team. Agree a team vision and set of guiding values (for more on how to do this, please see the following chapters). Hold regular team meetings as well as regular one-toones with team members. Encourage sharing of ideas and best practice.

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