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British seventh Armoured department 1940-45 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Publishing LtdСерия: leading edge 1Автор(ы): John SandarsЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 1977Количество страниц: 51ISBN: 0-85045-281-3Формат: pdf (200 dpi)Размер: 51.6 mbRapid0

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The Americans had many times the Germans’ numbers. Initially, the Americans lost part of that advantage. Hundreds of GIs did not make it to the start line. Only one infantry battalion, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Al Seeger, managed to move over the largely open ground, down the muddy lane, and through the artillery and machine-gun fire that led to the White Witch. , when it called for a repeat of the artillery preparation, before it attempted to ford the stream. The field artillery fired at the same targets all over again, which proved of little help.

35] Two of the four demolitions men followed behind, and the engineers and the leader of the infantry squad would choose the best place for the tank to go through the next barrier. Special EE-8 phones were installed on the rear of the tanks and connected with the tank’s interphone system for tank-infantry communication during action. 37 Finally, to make easier the task of lugging the explosive packs they would need to blow the hedgerows, the engineers planned to tie them on the backs of the tanks.

The tanks, virtually immune to machine gun and mortar fire, would drive headlong into the hedgerow punching holes (about four feet deep and six-and-a-half inches in diameter) and then pull back. Engineers would rush forward, throwing 105-mm shell casings packed with only 15 pounds of explosives into the breech. 34 Even these initiatives, however, were not good enough. They still needed infantry to protect the tanks from German panzerfausts (shoulder-fired antitank rockets) and to safeguard engineers against snipers and ambushes.

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