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This Fourth variation of the Brazing guide is the end result of numerous years of attempt by way of greater than a hundred brazing specialists. fabric from the 3rd version of the Brazing handbook has been thoroughly reorganized and up-to-date. huge chapters on furnace brazing, brazing protection, and the corrosion of brazements were extra. Thermal enlargement info for a couple of brazing fabrics are integrated within the Appendix.

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ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY Document provided by IHS Licensee=Aramco HQ/9980755100, User=, 10/23/2002 02:41:49 MDT Questions or comments about this message: please call the Document Policy Management Group at 1-800-451-1584. AWS T I T~LE*BR. 79 x 10-7 o. 005 in. * Percent resistance raised by butt joint in 1 in. of I + + + (A) BEFORE BRAZING I (B) AFTER BRAZING BRAZING WITH RT - Rcti conductor= - x 100 = 4 112% RcU As the length of the conductor increases, the influence of the brazed joint decreases.

Two members of the joint may be weighted or have force applied to them so that the joint clearance is reduced during the brazing operation. 22). In general, use of preplaced filler metal is not recommended in a f í e d joint, such as a tube to tube lap joint or tackwelded flat surfaces. 002 in. of additional filler metal. Thicker filler metal cannotbe used, as the maximum clearance may be exceeded, while the surface finish roughness and waviness voids are still present and require still more filler metal.

9 mm) clearance per side. With this clearance, no filler metal would flow into the joint by capillary action, and filler metal Effect of Dissimilar Base Materials When designing a joint where dissimilar base materials are involved, it will be necessary to calculate the joint clearance at the brazing temperature. 6 shows the expansion with temperature of a few base metals; see the appendix for additional data. 7). With high differential thermal expansion between two parts, the brazing filler metal must be strong enough to resist fracture and at least one of the base materials, filler metal, or an added layer of ductile base metal must yield during cooling.

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