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The Spiritual Song of Lodro Thaye

Jamgon Kongtrul, the nice, (Lodro Thaye) in line with his giant meditative adventure wrote a religious track (doha) of 273 traces which summarizes the whole floor, course, and Fruition of Mahamudra Meditation. as a result of his nice skill of a siddha, this article is usually quoted by means of glossy academics and in addition seems to be within the selection of Kagyu Dohas within the Rain of knowledge.

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O considerable body of people have failed to make provision for th~ winter. Your unenviable condition is a private matter \\lith which the Government can have no concern. Besides'he added slyly-'would you like everyone to know that Tibetans treat Buddhist monks so shabbily that they have to turn to the Chinese auth0rities to keep them from hunger? ' Abashed, the monks strode away and, the Bodhisattva relenting somewhat, they sOon found a Tibetan merchant willing to lodge them for some days. ed by months of neglect, The offerings from round about ~,-"Pt them from actual want, but they seldom had a really sa«\ing meal.

Before long Avalokita Bodhisattva was adopted as Tibet's tutelary deity and his mantra achieved wide popularity. By most Tibetans he came to be regarded as the Buddha's earthly representative and as chief guardian of the Dharma (Sacred Doctrine) until the advent of Siaitraya Buddha in the aeon next to come. ian Tsang, who visited India in the fifth and se\'enth centuries respectively, record no such depictions either in I ndia or China. Yet, by the twelfth century, female images of the Bodhisattva 40 Bodhisatl"Ja of C ompass£on were well-nigh universal both in China and Japan.

If she is sometimes decked in golden ornaments, it is only because they are employed as a special symbol for denoting celestial Bodhisattvahood. As a folk-deity, Kuan Yin embodies in herself, besides Avalokita and Tara, the legendary being, Miao Shan.

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