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Then a totally different kind of action will take place. But as long as we are acting in fragments, we are bound to create more chaos in the world. I am sure this answer satisfies nobody; you want the key and the key is in yourself. You have to forge that key. Questioner: But time is short and I do not seem to be able to find out how exactly to go about this. Krishnamurti: `Time is short' - can you change immediately? Not change gradually or tomorrow. Can you have this perception of a `whole' life in which there is love - all that we have talked about this morning - immediately?

It does not mean `living in the present' - you do not know what it means to live in the present. To live completely in the present you must know what the nature and the structure of the past is - which is yourself. You must know yourself so completely, that there is no hidden corner; `yourself' is the past, and that self thrives on that verb `to be', to become, to achieve, to remember. Find out what it means to live without that verb psychologically, inwardly. What does death mean? Why are we all so dreadfully frightened of it?

Being itself the factor of division? Questioner: Where there is a will there is a way. Krishnamurti: No, sir: you have your way in the world; you have your will to destroy people and you have succeeded, you have found the way. We are not concerned with will; will is the most destructive thing, for will is based on pleasure, on desire, and not on free joy. You are asking how thought can be kept quiet. How can thought be silent? Is that the right question? - because if you put the wrong question you invariably get the wrong answer.

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