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By David Alan Johnson

The well known writer of The London Blitz and V for Vengeance, brings clean perception and new resources to this compelling account of worldwide conflict II's most famed air crusade, together with the genuine beginning of many “Canadian” pilots within the RAF, whose actual nationality was once disguised as a result of usa neutrality early within the war.

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Senior RAF officers realized that the numbers were optimistic, to put it mildly. American reporters took it for granted that the figures were exaggerated—much to the annoyance of both the RAF and the Ministry of Information. Air Chief Marshal Dowding certainly did not use them as a basis for any decision-making. He realized that the Luftwaffe was far from being on the verge of destruction, and that the brunt of the battle still lay ahead. In spite of the disaster of convoy Peewit, however, Fighter Command did get some good news out of it.

Neither exploded on contact; both penetrated to the lower decks and exploded in the galley, killing 50 sailors. Boreas had to be towed back to Dover by Brilliant . The Battle of Britain Page 42 More fighter support was called for. Nine Spitfires from 54 Squadron were sent from Rochford, and met a swarm of Bf 109s—including 36 from III/JG 26, 4 led by Major Adolf Galland. While 54 Squadron’s pilots were preparing to attack the Stukas, the Spitfires were “bounced” by Galland’s Messerschmitts. Galland later wrote that “in this conflict we had clear superiority, the English aircraft fighting almost without exception singly”—the Schwarm once again gave German pilots a vital 3 Oberst Johannes Fink.

The Battle of Britain Page 43 Pilot Officer Page, along with Barry Sutton and F/Lt “Jumbo” Gracie, did not see the dive bombers at first. The first thing that caught their attention was the flashes of anti-aircraft fire from the guns of Boreas and Brilliant; then, they saw the German planes “swarming above the ships,” formed in two layers. The three of them dived on the lower level, which consisted of Stukas that had already made their attacks and were on their way back to base in France. Page’s Stuka was putting up a fight.

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