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By Merlin D. Tuttle

Since 1994, The Bat residence Builder's Handbook has been the definitive resource for bat apartment info. This re-creation has been thoroughly revised to include the newest learn on enhancing the luck charges for bat homes. It updates the unique bat condo plans and incorporates a new "rocket field" layout, in addition to mounting feedback, assistance for experimentation, commonly asked bat condominium questions, and data approximately bats probably to take advantage of bat houses.

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Hiberna tes in caves, aba ndoned mines, and buildings. Frequent bat h ouse users, they have also overwintered in bat h ouses from Texas to Nev,' York. Wagner's bonneted bat, Eumops glaucinus SOUTH ERN FLORIDA ONLY. Extremely rare, seen o nl y a handful of times since th e 1960s . Uses buildings w ith Spanish tile roofs, as well as palm fronds and woodpecker holes. Several bats were repo rted using a bat hou se \-vith a l ~-inch-chamber in southwest Florida. Pallas's mastiff bat, Molossus molossus IN THE UNITED STATES, fou nd in buildings in the Florida Keys only.

CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1982, as scientists around the world became alarmed about severe declines in bat populations. Mos t B AT conservation groups have neglected bats, while animals of greater public appeal-but often of less ecological importance-are represented by a variety of organizations. Today, BCI is recognized as the international leader in conservation initia tives that protect bats and their habitats. BCl is the only resource center providing a broad range of expertise about bats to conservation planners, enviromnental educators, government agencies, and many other people and organizations.

It seems clear that the mounting substrate is not as important as hours of exposure to SLm. Assuming too little sun to be the reason for poor occupancy rates on trees, it was postulated that houses on southern trees should be better used than their northern counterparts. Indeed, occupancy rates for houses on southern trees proved to be significantly higher than for those on northern trees. The 17 percent improvement likely would have been even greater except that little brown myotis are uncommon in the South, while Mexican free-tailed bats are among the most frequent users of southern houses.

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