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Therefore the top and bottom edges of such a field can only be estimated from the nearest lines engraved on the chart. Such estimates are however normally quite accurate enough for the animator's purposes. Nevertheless when transmitting instructions to the camera operator, he should indicate the position of the centre of the field in inches and decimals or centimeters and decimals, and not in the number of horizontal lines North or South from the centre-line of the chart. The animation stands counters read, as we have already seen, in inches or centimeters, so distances must be given in these units in order that the operator may set up the field correctly.

Tungsten filament bulbs gradually change both their intensity and colour temperature with age. Consequently such bulbs should be replaced fairly frequently and long before the end of their rated life is approached. For this reason over-run bulbs such as "Photofloods" should never be used for animation. If the colour temperature of the bulbs being used is not that required by the colour film stock, the colour temperature can be altered by a colour correction filter over the camera lens. It sometimes happens that if a cell under the camera is not perfectly flat, it may result in specular reflections of the lighting being photographed.

On these latter rails runs the table itself, also driven by a leadscrew and operated by a handwheel. (Note: in fact there is usually a turntable between the compound and the table, but see below, page 48). By operating both handwheels, the table can be made to move in any desired direction. This is shown in figure (17). The handwheels are connected to 4-figure counters. The first figure represents tens of inches (or centimeters the second units, the third tenths in metric countries), and the last hundredths.

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