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Includes the whole reference for all Base SAS tactics. presents information regarding what every one approach does and, if appropriate, the type of output that it produces. This identify can also be on hand loose on-line from SAS Publishing.

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PROC CHART can also display a statistic associated with the values. CIMPORT procedure restores a transport file created by the CPORT procedure to its original form (a SAS library, catalog, or data set) in the format appropriate to the operating environment. Coupled with the CPORT procedure, PROC CIMPORT enables you to move SAS libraries, catalogs, and data sets from one operating environment to another. COMPARE procedure compares the contents of two SAS data sets. You can also use PROC COMPARE to compare the values of different variables within a single data set.

X-character-a specifies all character variables between X and A, inclusive. This notation uses the position of the variables in the data set. _numeric_ specifies all numeric variables. _character_ specifies all character variables. _all_ specifies all variables. Note: You cannot use shortcuts to list variable names in the INDEX CREATE statement in PROC DATASETS. 4 See the SAS Language Reference: Concepts for complete documentation. Formatted Values Using Formatted Values Typically, when you print or group variable values, Base SAS procedures use the formatted values.

TRANTAB procedure creates, edits, and displays customized translation tables. See SAS National Language Support (NLS): Reference Guide for more information. UNIVARIATE procedure computes descriptive statistics (including quantiles), confidence intervals, and robust estimates for numeric variables. Provides detail on the distribution of numeric variables, which include tests for normality, plots to illustrate the distribution, frequency tables, and tests of location. 15 16 17 CHAPTER 2 Fundamental Concepts for Using Base SAS Procedures Language Concepts 17 Temporary and Permanent SAS Data Sets 18 Naming SAS Data Sets 18 USER Library 18 SAS System Options 18 Data Set Options 19 Global Statements 20 Procedure Concepts 20 Input Data Sets 20 RUN-Group Processing 21 Creating Titles That Contain BY-Group Information 21 BY-Group Processing 21 Suppressing the Default BY Line 21 Inserting BY-Group Information into a Title 21 Example: Inserting a Value from Each BY Variable into the Title 22 Example: Inserting the Name of a BY Variable into a Title 24 Example: Inserting the Complete BY Line into a Title 24 Error Processing of BY-Group Specifications 25 Shortcuts for Specifying Lists of Variable Names 25 Formatted Values 26 Using Formatted Values 26 Example: Printing the Formatted Values for a Data Set 26 Example: Grouping or Classifying Formatted Data 28 Example: Temporarily Associating a Format with a Variable 29 Example: Temporarily Dissociating a Format from a Variable 30 Formats and BY-Group Processing 31 Formats and Error Checking 31 Processing All the Data Sets in a Library 31 Operating Environment-Specific Procedures 31 Statistic Descriptions 32 Computational Requirements for Statistics 33 Output Delivery System 33 Language Concepts 18 Temporary and Permanent SAS Data Sets 4 Chapter 2 Temporary and Permanent SAS Data Sets Naming SAS Data Sets SAS data sets can have a one-level name or a two-level name.

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