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Jangan lupa! You'll need to use anda in formal situations, kamu with your friends. Well. you see .. it's like this! Begini. begitu Begini and begitu are used frequently in Indonesian and are two handy words to be aware of. They may start or end a sentence to emphasise the point and say 'it's like this/that'. It's no accident that the words ini (this) and itu (that) are part of these words. begini begitu like this like that Here are some examples of how begini and begitu are used: Mick: Oh, begitu, ya!

A Ask a friend what you should remember when visiting an Indonesian family. & Kalau saya bertamu ke rumah ternan, saya harus apa? I• Berbicara dengan sopan. I & Oh, begitu! B Now correct a friend's mistakes when they do something wrong! & Ke sini sebentar. Jangan lupa menggunakan tangan kananmu. • Oh, maaf, ya. Terima kasih atas nasihat kamu! atau • Oh, begitu, ya! Terima kasih atas nasihat kamu! berbicara berkata membuka menggunakan menerima to speak to say to take off/open to use to receive Refer to: p 31 Show some respect!

Don't cross the road here! 0 Where do you come from? Kamu berasal dari mana? It is very typical in Indonesia to ask lots of questions of a person when you are getting to know them- it isn't considered an invasion of privacy. Questions like Berapa umurmu? or Berapa orang di keluargamu? usually follow Siapa namamu? You will then probably hear Kamu berasal dari mana? to ask where you come from. To answer, here's some variations: Kamu berasal dari negara mana? Saya berasal dari negara Australia. Kamu berasal dari negara bagian mana?

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