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By Dercourt J., Gaetani M., Vrielynck B., Barrier E., Biju-Duval B., Brunet M.F., Cadet J.P., Crasquin S., Sandulescu M.

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Margaritae h'abeina was later recognised to be correUive of the subsequent Midian stage of the Tethys. , 1997) and the CGMW (1998). , 1999). We consider here the Late Wordan as represented biostratigraphically in the Tethys by the conodont aserrata zone and by the fusulinid Neoschwagerina margaritaeh'abeina archaica (now early Miiian in the Tethyan scale (DAWDOV,1996). However, and beyond nomenclatural problems, the correlation with marginal or continental areas of the Peri-Tethyan realm is difficult on pure biostratigraphic basis.

The facies are alternations of red conglomerate, sandstone, claystone in the Moroccan and Algerian Basins. In Tunisia, the facies were limestones and marine claystones and sandstones, claystones or limestones in Libya, limestones in South Turkey and marine claystones and sandstones in Egypt and Syria. The thickness was 3000 m in Morocco, 50 m in Kenadza, 600 m in Tunisia, 437 m in Cyrenaic (Libya), 192 m in Egypt, 40 rn in Southern Turkey and 600 m in Syria. The palaeoenvironments were alluvial fans and rivers in Morocco and Algeria, continent or marine platform in Tunisia, Libya, ~ g ~ South ~ t , Turkey and' Syria.

A Permian lowspreading-rate emplacement of this oceanic crust is preferred here also because of the lacking magneticanomaly-related banding, which could be expected for the long-lasting Permo-Carboniferous reversed polarity (Kiaman) superchron. This dating is consistent with the fact that the Early to Middle Permian is the interval when the most common and widespread occurrence of platform deepening, drowning and collapsing is documented in the areas surrounding the lonian and Eastern Mediterranean Seas.

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