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By Lee W. Henderson (auth.), Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kramer (eds.)

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The location of the catheter tip should be confirmed by X-ray (Fig. 2). In order to avoid radiation exposure, the catheter tip may be located with an intraatrial electrocardiogram fed through the catheter [2, 7, 12, 15-17]. Ultrafiltration/hemofiltration is performed with a double-head pump over a hollow fiber diafilter. One pump draws the venous blood from the catheter and pushes it through the diafilter into an adjacent air trap. Once this is filled with the predetermined volume of blood, the pump shuts off and the second pump moves this blood through the venous line through Y-tubing back to the patient 50 R.

5,6] and Hammerschmidt et al. [9]). This method of determining the activation of the complement system is highly sensitive, since it is based on the measurement of a complement only detectable in the blood when the whole system has been activated. Figure 7 (bottom) shows the results of aggregometry of blood samples taken from the inlet and the outlet of the filter and compared with prehemofiltration values. Neither in CA VH nor in HF was there a significant change of C5a content of samples at the filter outlet compared with prefiltration samples.

The arteria femoris profunda travels dorsally at the lower third of the triangle and laterally from the arteria femoralis. Puncture and attempted cannulation of one of these arterial side branches can result in perforation of the vessel and severe femoral bleeding. Therefore, it is preferable to puncture the arteria femoralis in the upper third of the triangle. Since the vena saphena magna joins the vena femoralis in a steep angle, a catheter can be advanced from the vena saphena magna into the vena femoralis.

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