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The Spiritual Song of Lodro Thaye

Jamgon Kongtrul, the nice, (Lodro Thaye) in accordance with his big meditative adventure wrote a religious track (doha) of 273 strains which summarizes the full floor, direction, and Fruition of Mahamudra Meditation. due to his nice skill of a siddha, this article is frequently quoted via smooth lecturers and in addition seems within the number of Kagyu Dohas within the Rain of knowledge.

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1990. Detection of a volcanic fracture opening in Japan using Global Positioning System measurments. Nature, 343, 631-633. SIEBERT, L. 1984. Large volcanic debris avalanches: characteristics of source areas, deposits, and associated eruptions. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 22, 163-197. 1992. Threats from debris avalanches. Nature, 356, 658-659. - - , GLICKEN, H. X. & Ui, T. 1987. Volcanic hazards from Bezymianny- and Bandai-type eruptions. Bulletin of Volcanology, 49, 435-459.

1994; Holroyd & Nicholson 1994) and may represent relatively uneroded examples of this phenomenon. The lobate features observed on Mars are, to a first approximation, similar to those observed along the Hawaiian Ridge (Fig. 15). There, sonar images have revealed over 70 major landslides in excess of 20km in length in an abundance sufficient to cover half the flanks of the ridge. The largest of the deposits exceed 200 km in length and 5 x 103 km 3 in volume (Moore et al. 1989, 1994). Two forms of landslides have been 40 J .

Induced pore pressure magnitudes condition stability through the parameters representing the geometry and dimensions of the flank and failing flank block, together with the parameters modulating volumetric magma intrusion rate and heat supply. Where appropriate parameter magnitudes are selected, the resulting mechanical and thermal pore fluid pressures are sufficient to initiate failure. This presents the possibility for long runout instabilities of extremely large volume. Observational evidence exists at a number of oceanic-shield type volcanoes indicating massive landslides.

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