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By Hadis Morkoc

  • Materials Scientists, Physicists, Engineers.

Preface for quantity I

, Pages xiii-xv, Hadis Morkoç
List of participants for quantity I

, Page xvii
Preface for quantity II

, Pages ix-xiii, Hadis Morkoç
List of members for quantity II

, Pages xv-xvi
Preface for quantity III

, Pages xi-xvii, Hadis Morkoç
List of participants for quantity III

, Pages xix-xx
Chapter 1 - rising Advances in Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Bioelectronics

, Pages 1-145, H. Morkoç
Chapter 2 - The problem of constructing a Roadmap from Microelectronics to Nanoelectronics

, Pages 147-209, R. Doering
Chapter three - CMOS Scaling to Nanometer Lengths

, Pages 211-238, Y. Taur
Chapter four - Sub-20-nm Electron Devices

, Pages 239-302, ok. Likharev
Chapter five - purposes of unmarried Electron Tunnelling

, Pages 303-324, J.P. Pekola
Chapter 6 - Silicon on Insulator: expertise and Devices

, Pages 325-365, S. Cristoloveanu, F. Balestra
Chapter 7 - Quantum Dot Lasers

, Pages 367-410, D.G. Deppe, H. Huang
Chapter eight - Nanotechnology and Magnetic Memories

, Pages 411-439, A.V. Pohm
Chapter nine - Quantum details technological know-how from the viewpoint of a tool and fabrics Engineer

, Pages 441-502, S. Bandyopadhyay
Chapter 1 - Engineering the digital constitution and the Optical homes of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

, Pages 1-50, M. De Giorgi, R. Rinaldi, T. Johal, G. Pagliara, A. Passaseo, M. De Vittorio, M. Lomascolo, R. Cingolani, A. Vasanelli, R. Ferreira, G. Bastard
Chapter 2 - GaN-Based Modulation Doped FETs and Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

, Pages 51-145, H. Morkoç
Chapter three - Ultraviolet Photodetectors in response to GaN and AlGaN

, Pages 147-190, H. Temkin
Chapter four - natural Field-Effect Transistors for Large-Area Electronics

, Pages 191-240, C.D. Dimitrakopoulos
Chapter five - natural Optoelectronics: The Case of Oligothiophenes

, Pages 241-291, G. Gigli, M. Anni, R. Cingolani, G. Barbarella
Chapter 6 - Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Nanoelectronics

, Pages 293-343, M.S. Fuhrer
Chapter 7 - brief Wavelength III-Nitride Lasers

, Pages 345-405, A.V. Nurmikko
Chapter 1 - electric Conduction via Molecules

, Pages 1-41, F. Zahid, M. Paulsson, S. Datta
Chapter 2 - Molecular digital Devices

, Pages 43-187, J. Chen, M.A. Reed, S.M. Dirk, D.W. cost, A.M. Rawlett, J.M. journey, D.S. Grubisha, D.W. Bennett
Chapter three - Fabrication of Nanoscale buildings utilizing STM and AFM

, Pages 189-224, A.A. Baski
Chapter four - Optical Nanosensors for organic Applications—Spectroscopic innovations on the mobile Level

, Pages 225-250, B.M. Cullum, T. Vo-Dinh
Chapter five - present matters and Advances in Dissociated phone Culturing on Nano-and Microfabricated Substrates

, Pages 251-318, H.G. Craighead, C.D. James, A.M.P. Turner
Chapter 6 - electric Fields: Their Nature and impression on organic Systems

, Pages 319-346, R.J. Colello, J.K. Alexander
Chapter 7 - DNA Chips Come of Age

, Pages 347-370, G. Ramsay
Chapter eight - organic Computation: From DNA to Cells

, Pages 371-405, C.C. Maley
Chapter nine - mobile Manipulations

, Pages 407-482, C. González, S.D. Collins
Chapter 10 - Fluidics in Microchannels

, Pages 483-504, P.M.St. John, M. Deshpande
Chapter eleven - Hybrid organic Nanomachines

, Pages 505-540, J.J. Schmidt, C.D. Montemagno
Index for quantity I

, Pages 503-519
Index for quantity II

, Pages 407-421
Index for quantity III

, Pages 541-555

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18. Schematic of packaging of an organic dye containing red and green (or simply yellow) dyes being pumped with a blue InGaN-based blue LED. in the recombination medium. To distinguish this from other types of LEDs, the name OLED for organic LED has been coined. For a review of recent developments, the reader is referred to a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices (Dodabalapur and Kido 1997). These plastic LED materials are attractive in that they have applications in large area displays for back lighting, active matrix displays, and even stimulated emission.

As mentioned above, until the advent of separation by implanted oxygen (SIMOX) technology and techniques that lead to similar structures such as wafer fusing which is gaining much momentum, the SOI technology remained as a laboratory curiosity. In addition to the standard device designs on insulators as shown in Fig. 1, novel approaches afforded by lateral epitaxial overgrowth have been explored. Among them is the approach of Wong et al. (1997), which provides all the traditional advantages as well as new ones.

Everything there is to know about SiC can be found in Choyke et ciL (1997). And almost everything there is to know about GaN can be found in Morkog (1999). Power applications are divided into RF power at high frequencies and switching power at relatively lower frequencies. The former is served increasingly well by GaN and related heterostructures. The latter has been addressed by SiC with the immediate goal of developing diode like switches for the electric power industry. This semiconductor is also being explored for smart power supplies that power large electric motors, etc.

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