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Numbers, or sets, or 40 word-types), then the abstractness of propositions cannot be what bothers him. The only reasonable worry could be over the prospect of supplying coherent identity conditions for such entities. 25 Thus the alleged benefit—the conceptual economy—that was supposed to compensate for the abandonment of our current concept of truth turns out to be non-existent. XII Let me summarize what I hope to have accomplished in this review. First, I’ve tried to articulate the general deflationary perspective on truth—to say what features qualify an account of truth as ‘deflationary’.

Künne, Conceptions of Truth (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003). 2. For arguments in support of this claim, see my Truth, 2nd edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998), 50–51. 3. Recent philosophical literature is replete with conflicting proposals about the right way to distinguish between ‘deflationary’ and ‘non-deflationary’ theories. Now one might suspect that, since the term at issue here is a piece of jargon whose meaning is to be stipulated, there would be no possibility of any rational way of deciding between these alternative proposals.

For, in that case, one could reason that = Ed’s claim = . And then, given the first premise (‘Ed’s claim is true’), and given the rule ‘(

= & p) \ q’, one could infer ‘Fido is a dog’. g. e. without being able to articulate it. So the modified Redundancy Theory can be plausible only relative to a coarse-grained, nonFregean conception of proposition. With respect to a Fregean proposition, XF, the import of the modified Redundancy Theory is merely that XF and are strongly equivalent (but not identical).

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