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By Peter Jacobs

The air battles of the second one global warfare have been fought ferociously and with striking ability and braveness on either fronts. The fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe, the jagdflieger, actually outscored their Allied opposite numbers through a few margin and have been the various maximum scoring fighter pilots of all time. greater than 100 recorded a century of aerial successes with happening to surpass a rather superb three hundred victories. 

In the top, the giant attempt required through the Luftwaffe to keep up the air warfare on such a lot of fronts proved an excessive amount of and few jagdflieger survived the final days of the Reich yet their braveness and talent was once past query, and the names of a few will live to tell the tale within the annals of air conflict with their notable achievements by no means to be passed. 

In 'Luftwaffe Fighter Aces', Peter Jacobs examines the various campaigns fought by means of the Luftwaffe from its fledgling days throughout the Spanish Civil conflict to its final days protecting the Reich, and comprises the...

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Some clearly hunted for glory whereas others did not. Individually they were quite different but collectively they formed a most potent fighting force. Finally, while the highest-scoring Experten have rightly earned their place in this book, I have also included many others who did not survive the last days of the Reich or score highly enough to become household names but were no less courageous. Only space prevents me from writing more. I hope you enjoy the book. Peter Jacobs Chapter 1 Fledgling Days In time of war a nation needs its heroes and the fighter pilot has always held a fascination that has captured the imagination of his public at home.

Those destined to be successful in air combat soon learned that it was not all about dashing around the sky as fast as possible taking on anyone and everyone – those who elected to choose this method were destined not to survive – but they did require a unique combination of flying and personal qualities to succeed: excellent aircraft-handling skills; a good understanding of his own aircraft’s performance and that of his opponent; quick reactions; good eyesight; anticipation; patience; courage and self-control to name but a few and, of course, they needed to be good shots.

There were many other challenges to overcome when writing this book and these included having to smooth out the inevitable variations between sources, as well as deciding which of two different spellings of names to use and having to translate German words into English. Ultimately, though, I had to choose the spelling of one word over another variation, which will be equally correct, in order to be consistent but if I have made any errors through my failure to grasp the German language then I can only apologize in advance.

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