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Pilot who had flown him out from England, Flight Lieutenant Edward Prchal: could he have the same pilot to fly him back? F. Transport Command to fly Sikorski’s party back to England, in the same Liberator, AL523, as had flown them out. 34 That Prchal was the pilot for the return flight purely as the consequence of a specific request from Sikorski is one of the main factors in dismissing the credibility of certain allegations that followed the disaster. M. on July 3, determined to complete his correspondence and finish signing papers in Cairo before the heat of the day made it impossible.

In this connection, the Generalgouvernement has ordered that a parallel excursion be organised to the concentration camp at Auschwitz for a committee of all ethnic groups living in Poland. The excursion is to prove how humanitarian, in comparison with the methods employed by the Bolsheviks, are the devices used to carry out the mass extermination of the Polish peoThis PDF version: © Focal Point Publications 2000 Report errors 1: “soldiers must die” 31 ple. , whereby thousands of Poles can be assisted from life to death most rapidly, and in a manner which does honour to the whole German nation.

But now we are among friends – what do these few hours of flying matter? 48 Well though Sikorski had slept during the night and in his afternoon siesta, he was once again unmistakably tiring; the hot Gibraltar climate had sapped his strength to a degree that alarmed his daughter, who was, as we have seen, the custodian of his health. F. F. 51 An hour passed while the bedstead was installed and bolted down. M. In groups and clusters, the eleven passengers were driven down to the airfield durThis PDF version: © Focal Point Publications 2000 Report errors 3: farce and tragedy 63 ing the next half hour.

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