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By Werner G. Jeanrond

This e-book explores different dimensions of Christian love. It argues that every one expressions of affection are wrestling with the problem of otherness and accordingly with the event of transcendence. the improvement of Christian suggestions of affection is mentioned with specific connection with the various horizons and the diversity of techniques to like within the Bible, Augustine, medieval theology, Protestant agapetheology, Catholic ways to hope, and modern philosophy and sociology. The dialogue of the wealthy and sometimes frustrating history of expressions of non-public, communal and spiritual love permits this examine to strengthen a severe and positive theology of Christian love for our time. This booklet demonstrates the variety within the Christian culture of affection and hence deals a severe viewpoint on earlier and current impositions of homogenous recommendations of affection. The booklet invitations the reader to an in-depth exam of the opportunity of Christian love and its specific associations for the advance of non-public and communal types of Christian discipleship. the conventional separation among agape love and eroticism is triumph over in favour of an built-in version of affection that recognizes either God's reward of affection and the potential for each girl, guy and baby to give a contribution to the transformative praxis of affection in church and society.

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249–72. Biblical Challenges to a Theology of Love 37 Thus, according to John, there is no doubt that love is central to Christian discipleship, although the scope of love in John’s community differs considerably from other New Testament writings. The Johannine discourse on love centres on a particular Christian community’s own inner life — including the call to pay attention to those ‘brothers’ who require help and assistance. 39 Moreover, love and oneness are linked here in such a manner as to suggest that love is not so much the way to handle difference, conflict and otherness as a way of avoiding — if not perpetuating — all three.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. 27–8 and 35b–36) The constructive and charitable relationship to all people that characterizes this understanding of love is an important theological 26 Cf. Ulrich Luz, Das Evangelium nach Matthäus: 3. Teilband: Mt 18–25. EKK I/3, Zurich and Düsseldorf: Benziger and Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag, 1997, p. 273. 27 Philip Esler, ‘Jesus and the Reduction of Intergroup Conflict: The Parable of the Good Samaritan in the Light of Social Identity Theory’, Biblical Interpretation 8 (2000), pp.

P. 26 (193a). , p. 27 (193c). , p. 40 (204b). , p. 42 (205d–e). , p. 43 (206a). , p. 46 (208e). , pp. 46–7 (209b). 47 Plato, Phaedrus, trans. R. Heckforth, in The Collected Dialogues of Plato, ed. Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns, Bollington Series LXXI, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1961, pp. 475–525, here p. 492 (245a–c). , pp. 499–500 (253d–254e). 49 Such is the life of the gods: It is there that true being dwells, without color or shape, that cannot be touched; reason alone, the soul’s pilot, can behold it, and all true knowledge is knowledge thereof.

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